Why eXp is the only brokerage worth your time. I’m serious.

Robert Snedden Edwards (Rob)
7 min readJul 4, 2023

So I got your attention, agents. Good. In 10 simple statements I’ll tell you why eXp is the only real estate brokerage worth working for today:

  1. Technology is now a commodity. Period. Every agent has access to the same tools — and tools that speak to and connect to one another. You do not need in-house proprietary apps, business trackers, marketing templates, or CRMs that your current brokerage “invented.” Better versions of all of those things exist on the outside of the four walls of your brokerage — Zenlist, Asana, Canva, Sisu, FollowUp Boss, and more, are all better easier to use software programs, than many of those built and maintained by brokerages. eXp agents will show you how to find them and how to choose among them. VAs (virtual assistants) in the Philippines ($5/hr) can replicate all your current collateral and build you new ones in just a few days, for less than $200.
  2. Sharing with one another is our thing. Collaboration is embedded deep into our eXp ecosystem. It is 10X the “collaboration without ego” that you have experienced anywhere else. How? Unlike old fashion brokerages we are compensated for our collaboration and building up the brokerage. The micro-competitiveness that you experience inside of your local old school physical office is real. You know it, I know it. Agents that crack the code and land in the Top 5% in your town do not share their mousetraps with anyone. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s not that way at eXp. It’s so refreshing.
  3. AI is going to change the industry in this next year. 300,000 agents will go out of business — not because AI puts them out of business, but because other agents who have mastered AI will soak-up that market share and more. Your past clients that you rely upon for referrals won’t even be asked “who was your agent” because the AI-savvy agents will have already gotten in front of those folks considering buying or selling by using funnels and AI. If you have no one to show you how to stay afloat in this AI-competency era, your 20-yrs of contract negotiation skills, staging, and market trend knowledge will not matter. Lead generation using AI will separate the millionaire agents from the masses. See #2.
  4. Market share will matter more than ever; your boutique brokerage (less than 40,000 agents) will not survive the hunger games to come. Agent head count will rule-the-day as economies of scale will be required for brokerages to be profitable. And just being #1 in total volume in some big cities does not deliver the same benefits to you, the agent, as being first or second in transactions and agent market share nationally. There’s a big difference. Total agents under one brand will benefit those agents more than the brokerage’s total dollar volume ranking.
  5. International presence matters. KW, Remax, Sotheby’s all have offices in at least 30 countries. eXp is now operating in 24. Your wealthy buyers are looking for trusted foreign versions of you. If you have no real relationship with your referral agent in Cabo, Tulum, Tuscany or Toronto, you are missing out. eXp’s edge? Because you can invite seasoned agents from those other brokerages to join eXp and you get paid for that invitation year after year as well. That agent then also benefits from your eXp network. True friendships develop. A local Cabo agent can then expand her own network to Italy, France, Portugal, Canada — and get paid for that recruiting effort, year after year by eXp too — all because of you. That’s a true referral partnership.
  6. Your past and future clients don’t care about your logo or your company brand. They really don’t. They never did. Believe it or not, they chose you for you. You convinced yourself that you were at the best brand in town — because that’s natural. Access to competent support [not your office manager’s weekly powerpoints] and free high quality coaching [not from office managers] from super successful fellow agents will be the new determining factor for agents who will survive, thrive or not; see #2 above. If you are not masterminding several times per week with agents that are doing better than you, then you are losing ground. How many masterminds do you attend now per week? Only one? So how are you learning new things?
  7. Today and tomorrow the brokerage model you are working within will be the determining factor in your financial future — much more than the number of homes you sell or the ease of use of some internal dashboard. The brokerage’s business model will be far and away the biggest factor determining if you will be on the transaction treadmill until you die, or you will have a shot at retirement and real personal wealth. All the brokerages that still only pay their agents via commission splits — and 95% of all US agents currently work inside that format — will continue to lose agents to profitable and stable brokerages that offer revenue-sharing — with eXp being the choice for 9 out of 10 agents. None of the incumbent, legacy, old fashion brokerages can offer you a path to wealth. They aren’t structured to help you retire, only the executives have that option. It doesn’t have to be that way.
  8. Why would any agent stay at a brokerage that has no commission cap, no real health insurance, no legit stock plan, no real-time access to legal help, no free mentoring and coaching from active and successful team leaders, and — this is key — no access to fresh capital that’s needed to develop complementary tech tools. Literally all existing old school brokerages are in serious debt and not one of them is profitable. The Anywhere family of brands is $4B in debt to creditors. Compass is almost $2B in debt to venture capitalists and still losing $100M per quarter. They cannot pivot nor remain agile with their in-house technology if they are that far in debt, have expensive office leases, and overwhelming OpEx. How many more staff will any of the unprofitable companies layoff before the agents give up on the brand?
  9. Probably the best kept secret about eXp is how many agents have become millionaires from its revenue-sharing program. Invite 15–20 agents to join you, over a year or two, and you are now on the path to not just exiting production but serious seven-figure wealth upon retiring. Recurring passive income grows every month because you set a snowball down a hill that continues to grow. This is not a theory nor a promise. Several thousand eXp agents have achieved this already. Less than one in 20 agents in the US is an eXp agent — so if you dont know of one, that’s why. 5% market share also means there is a lot of growth potential for this company.
  10. Here’s a little google site where I share six of the best video descriptions of eXp, by eXp agents — agents from all levels of expertise, age, and regions:


After you watch these videos, ask me about the eXp “organization” I joined.

Who sponsors you to join eXp is a key factor in your future success.

Beyond the onboarding process and the weekly trainings, you’ll need guidance and assistance as you attract your own friends and colleagues to join you. You’re net worth is in the network, as they say. And that’s where your sponsor and your sponsor’s sponsor come in.

For me, when I met eXp agent Tina Caul of Raleigh, NC it was clear to me she would be my sponsor. I feel so lucky that I discovered Tina Caul and that she has such a breadth of experience herself, but also an entire line of business partners to help me solve any challenge I might have. Tina runs a team of 60 and is either #1, 2 or 3 in the rankings in Raleigh and North Carolina. And she is not an anomaly. Our “organization” or family tree is also full of producers.

Literally all 15 agents in the line of sponsorship that joined eXp before her have achieved the ability to exit production, still run a team, retire if they wish, and earn monthly revenue-sharing income in excess of $40,000 per month. All 15 of them are in one of these these four categories: the Top 50 solo agents in production, volume or transactions, the Top 30 agents for total number of agents attracted, and the Top 30 agents for revenue share generated each month — out of 75,000 US agents.

That is one powerful kitchen cabinet.

Twenty-seven of the Top 50 Teams at eXp are inside of this one organization/family tree that I am a member of. If you joined eXp with me as your sponsor, you’d have daily access to this incredibly experienced and productive group of agents, team leaders, and branch managers. Remember, we collaborate and share and teach one another. You will make freinds all over the country that will connect and collaborate with you.

We have at least five mastermind video calls per week where only the best most proficient agents are tapped to host the trainings. Sharing is the name of the game. You’ve never experienced such selfless collaboration and sharing of best practices like this.

It’s 10X what any other brokerage offers its agents — and I know, I used to run the “team leaders-only mastermind group” at Compass for a year.

Get on my calendar and let’s chat about what’s best for you.



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